It's Tattoo week here at 94.1 KRNA! As most of you know, I'm getting a new tattoo. Yesterday's blog was asking you where I should go in Cedar Rapids for my new ink. Today, I'll be talking about BAD tattoo ideas...I found a few on the "mega-web." Enjoy!


Let's start with this guy. I'm not sure what to say, yikes.


Is this a tattoo of a man in a bikini or a very hairy woman?


This is the worst tattoo I've ever seen!


Drugs are bad, kids. Drugs are bad.


I might throw up a little after writing this blog.


I love cats, but this is too much.


What the hell is this?!


Let's end with this's good, and also really bad. Tomorrow we will discuss GOOD tattoo ideas, I promise.


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