Creating a fake ID is tough. Trying to sneak into Hazzard without owner Robert Odie Odenkirk keeping your fake ID for himself is tougher. Recently he decided to share his collection on Facebook to show just how many have been collected from out of state.

It seems as though people are brave enough to try and fake our neighboring state of Illinois, as that's the majority of what has been confiscated. But he's also got quite a few from Ohio. And Nebraska, Wyoming, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Florida, Indiana, Arkansas, and even Rhode Island made the lineup!

Wait... Rhode Island!? How many people do you know from Rhode Island? Considering that's a tiny state that is completely on the east coast of the country, the likelihood that someone actually from Rhode Island is going to a country bar in Cedar Rapids, Iowa is slim. Apparently, a Hazzard worker thought the same since the Rhode Island IDs made the wall of fakes.

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