Have you ever heard yourself saying " Wow, I had no idea....I've been going about this all wrong!"

Forget job seminars, workshops and career coaches. According to Dailymail.com, "A new study reveals sex makes you more productive, better at your job, and more likely to move up the ladder."

This was a study that was done at Oregon State University....home of the Beavers. The research stated, "people who orgasm at least once a day are far more likely to enjoy their jobs, work hard, and move up the career ladder.

I always thought that the way to get a promotion was to work long hours, take on extra work and suck up to management. It turns out it's the exact opposite. Who would have thought???

If you're reading this at work, my advice is: LEAVE NOW. Get home to your significant other and have some fun....If you're lucky, you may just get promoted by the end of the week.

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