You've heard the phrase "haters gonna hate", well now "haters gonna date".

Good news pessimists! There is a new dating app that will connect you to that special someone. No it's not based on the fact that you both like to snuggle up and watch the Notebook, or how long your walks on the beach are. It's all fueled by HATE! Oh look! We both hate cargo shorts! Match! The app is called 'Hater' and it's available now.

Heres how it works:

"Hater has a list of over 2,000 topics (like cargo shorts, Donald Trump, slow walkers and paying extra for guacamole) that will display on your phone. The user has the option to swipe down for hate, up for love, swipe right for like and left for dislike. OR you can opt out of choosing a feeling at all (if you’re dead inside)." -Elite Daily 

According to The Cut, the app originally started off as a concept from a comedy sketch, as the creator is comedy writer Brendan Alper. But after studying 'how people bond via positive and negative attitudes', Jennifer Bosson (a social psychologist at the University of South Florida) discovered that people felt more of a connection with each other more if they 'shared a common dislike for something rather than a shared interest'.

So stretch out your fingers, and get ready to swipe right in unified hate.

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