When was the last time you asked yourself; if it were possible, would you really want to live forever?

Considering how crazy the world has become and how unsafe it all seems to be with crime, diseases, and poverty, perhaps not.

But an article in the Daily Mail reports that scientists are on the brink of discovering how you theoretically could live forever. Or at the very least, live longer than average. This is the theme according to Andrew Steele author of Ageless, a new book about the science of biogerontology.

The study reveals quite a few freaky facts of longevity, according to the Daily Mail report:

  • Today, 90% of the world’s population can hope for life expectancy over age 60.
  • That's partly because every year since 1840, global life expectancy has increased by three months, thanks to medical advances, better sanitation and social awareness.
  • But back in the 1920s, with the hopes to slow or stop the ageing process, a French-Russian surgeon named Serge Voronoff experimented with a dubious technique by grafting tissue from monkey testicles onto human testicles. The idea went balls up nowhere.
  • Studies of eunuchs’ lives suggest you’ll probably live longer by remaining sexless. So if you’ve been castrated, you've got a leg up...but would you make the cut? All for the sake of living longer?

Ouch. Count me out. After 90 years or 95, I'm hoping I'll be more than ready to check out.

If by chance I would make it to age 100, just promise me you'll be sure that my picture makes it onto the Smucker's Preserves Happy Birthday segment on the Today Show.

That's more than I deserve, and that's for sure.

Remember, the phrase "May you live in interesting times"  claims to be an old Chinese curse, but it is actually an old English phrase.

The nearest related Chinese expression translates as "Better to be a dog in times of tranquility than a human in times of chaos."

For me, the bottom line is - be happy with the time you have, instead of wasting time chasing after a few elusive moments tagged onto the end.

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