Guns N' Roses' Appetite for Destruction is set for a major upgrade. As anticipated, the band announced that Deluxe, Super Deluxe and a massive "Locked N' Loaded" versions of their landmark 1987 debut album will be released on June 29.

The Super Deluxe Edition contains 73 tracks, 49 of which have never been released, spread out over four CDs. This includes one disc of B-sides and EPs, and two discs containing 25 songs from their famed 1986 sessions at Los Angeles' Sound City Studios and two tracks ("Shadow of Your Love" and an acoustic version of "Move to the City") from another session with producer Mike Clink. There is also a Blu-ray with 5.1 surround mixes of the original album, five bonus tracks and five music videos, including an unreleased clip for "It's So Easy."

In addition, the set contains a 96-page hardbound book with unreleased photos from Axl Rose's archive and memorabilia, including lithos of the band members and Robert Williams' controversial original cover, a wall poster, a "Welcome to the Jungle" video invite flyer originally drawn by Slash, replica ticket stubs and temporary tattoos. It's housed in a simulated-leather wrapped slipcase with embossed logos.

Watch the Unboxing Video for the Super Deluxe Edition of 'Appetite for Destruction'

The two-disc Deluxe Edition contains a remastered version of Appetite and another disc of 18 songs found on the Super Deluxe Edition, also with expanded artwork and Rose's photos.

"Locked N' Loaded" includes everything in the Super Deluxe Edition plus the music on seven 180-gram LPs. Housed in an embossed faux leather and wood cabinet with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity, it adds a handmade 3-D cross, USB stick with high-resolution audio, lithos detailing the lyrics to all 12 songs, a second wall poster and many more goodies. It lists for $999 and is limited to 10,000 copies worldwide.

You can see the complete contents below, and pre-order any of the editions, including the single-disc and two-LP original, at the band's webstore.

Watch the Unboxing Video for the 'Locked N' Loaded' Version of 'Appetite for Destruction'

Rumors about the new editions began circulating on Monday when it was learned that Guns N' Roses had launched the GNR.FM site, which at the time featured the phrase "Destruction Is Coming" and links to the band's social media platforms with the hashtag "#APPETITEFORDESTRUCTION." A day later, the site had been updated with a countdown clock, a clip of "Shadow of Your Love" and a world map with numerous cities lit. A billboard featuring the depictions of the five members from the album cover was also spotted in England.

Guns N' Roses, 'Appetite for Destruction' 'Locked N' Loaded' Contents

Disc One: 'Appetite for Destruction'
1. "Welcome to the Jungle"
2. "It's So Easy"
3. "Nightrain"
4. "Out ta Get Me"
5. "Mr. Brownstone"
6. "Paradise City"
7. "My Michelle"
8. "Think About You"
9. "Sweet Child o' Mine"
10. "You're Crazy"
11. "Anything Goes"
12. "Rocket Queen"

Disc Two: B-sides N’ EPs
1. "Reckless Life" *
2 "Nice Boys" *
3. "Move to the City" (Live) *
4. "Mama Kin" *
5. Shadow of Your Love" (Live) *
6. "You’re Crazy" (Acoustic Version) *
7. "Patience" *
8. "Used to Love Her" *
9. "You’re Crazy"
10. "It’s So Easy" (Live) *
11. "Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door" (Live) *
12. "Whole Lotta Rosie" (Live) *

Disc Three: 1986 Sound City Session
1. "Welcome to the Jungle" (1986 Sound City Session) *
2. "Nightrain" (1986 Sound City Session) *
3. "Out ta Get Me" (1986 Sound City Session) *
4. "Paradise City" (1986 Sound City Session) *
5. "My Michelle" (1986 Sound City Session) *
6. "Think About You" (1986 Sound City Session)
7. "You’re Crazy" (1986 Sound City Session)
8. "Anything Goes" (1986 Sound City Session)
9. "Rocket Queen" (1986 Sound City Session)
10. "Shadow of Your Love" (1986 Sound City Session)
11. "Heartbreak Hotel" (1986 Sound City Session)
12. "Jumpin’ Jack Flash" (1986 Sound City Session)

Disc Four: 1986 Sound City Session N' More
1. "Shadow of Your Love" *
2. "Move to the City" (1986 Sound City Session)
3. Ain’t Goin’ Down No More" (Instrumental Version - 1986 Sound City Session)
4. The Plague" (1986 Sound City Session)
5. "Nice Boys" (1986 Sound City Session)
6. "Back Off Bitch" (1986 Sound City Session)
7. "Reckless Life" (1986 Sound City Session)
8. "Mama Kin" (1986 Sound City Session)
9. "New Work Tune" (1986 Sound City Session)
10. "November Rain" (Piano Version - 1986 Sound City Session)
11. "Move to the City" (Acoustic Version - 1986 Sound City Session)
12. "You’re Crazy" (Acoustic Version – 1986 Sound City Session)
13. "November Rain" (Acoustic Version – 1986 Sound City Session)
14. "Jumpin’ Jack Flash" (Acoustic Version – 1986 Sound City Session)
15. "Move to the City" (1988 Acoustic Version) *

*Tracks Found on Deluxe Edition

Disc Five: Blu-ray
1. "Welcome to the Jungle"
2. "It's So Easy"
3. "Nightrain"
4. "Out ta Get Me"
5. "Mr. Brownstone"
6. "Paradise City"
7. "My Michelle"
8. "Think About You"
9. "Sweet Child o' Mine"
10. "You're Crazy"
11. "Anything Goes"
12. "Rocket Queen"

Bonus Tracks
1. "Shadow of Your Love"
2. "Patience"
3. "Used to Love Her"
4. "You’re Crazy"
5. "Move to the City" (1988 Acoustic Version)

Music Videos
1. "Welcome to the Jungle"
2. "Sweet Child O’Mine"
3. "Paradise City"
4. "Patience"
5. "It’s So Easy" (Brand new video from 1989)

Bonus Features
Embossed faux-leather and wood cabinet
Numbered Certificate of Authenticity
Handmade 3D cross
96-page hard-bound book with unreleased photos **
Seven 12″ 180-gram LPs, including 'Appetite for Destruction' on two discs, with the fourth side containing a "hologroove hologram"
Limited edition foil slipcase
Seven 7″ singles on yellow vinyl
Twelve lithos visualizing each song from 'Appetite for Destruction'
Turntable mat
Six replica gig flyers
"Welcome to the Jungle" video invite flyer, originally drawn by Slash **
Microfiber cleaning cloth
Six Iron-on stitched logo patches
Five metal guitar picks
Three replica ticket stubs **
Five metal band skull lapel pins
Collectable coin
Five buttons
7″ adapter
Five metal band skull rings
USB stick
Five band member photo lithos **
Six temporary tattoos **
Robert Williams painting litho **
Two wall posters ** (only one poster in Super Deluxe Edition)
Custom bandana with silver metallic ink
Replica 85’/86′ concert banner

** Found on the Super Deluxe Edition


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