The Iowa City Ped Mall deserves better. It was the scene of a terrifying shooting late Saturday night when gang violence broke out once again in the Corridor.

According to the Iowa City Press Citizen, two men arrested are facing serious charges as three gunfire victims are hospitalized, one in critical condition.

Police are hesitant to use the word “gang” when describing the situation and I can’t understand why.

With multiple incidents involving many of the same people in both Iowa City and Cedar Rapids, it is obvious that avoiding the term “gang violence” is an attempt to downplay the situation. But it doesn't change the obvious that these groups of people are literally "gunning" for each other.

As concerned citizens we demand better. It’s time to run this riff-raff out of town.

Young adults charged with serious felonies including attempted murder and trafficking in stolen weapons is evidence enough that it’s time to get tough on these criminals.

It’s a deadly version of Family Feud, and a real problem. If these gang members won’t stop breaking the law it’s time for law enforcement to put a stop to it. We shouldn’t have to wait until innocent bystanders are injured or killed.

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