Buying gifts for people is hard. You want to make sure you get them something they really want and will use but you also don’t want to offend them with anything you get them. Although gift cards are usually a safe bet when it comes to this, sometimes you want to give something a little more personal. However, there is a fine line between special and too personal.

Here are some things to stay away from when shopping for this difficult people in your lives this Christmas.

  1. Exercise Equipment- Honestly, unless they ask for it probably not the right time now or ever to tell someone they need to work out. It is not subtle and will probably end up causing a lot tension on your relationship.
  2. Romance Novels- It is like telling the person they are not doing well in their romantic lives so they might as well live vicariously through the books.
  3. Re-gifting items – You may not like something you got and that probably means someone else will not like it as well, so do yourself a favor and just throw that gift out. I mean it is not like you paid for it.
  4. Fruitcake- It’s a great doorstop or if you need a weapon against something you can just throw it at them and knock them out but for those of you whom think it is a tasty gift, your taste buds have done you wrong.
  5. Anything that does not include batteries- Honestly, if we have to go out to buy something to make the item work, well at that point we are really just paying for the gift ourselves and it is not a gift at all.

If you are still confused on what to get or what not to get, honestly just go by this one rule… If they don’t ask for it, don’t gift it! Just ask what they want and in the end you will both be happy because you didn’t waste money and they got a gift they actually wanted.

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