Area pot smokers can now shop for their weed at a new Illinois location.

The Telegraph Herald reports the grand opening this weekend of the newest marijuana dispensary in Galena, Illinois.

The dispensary is located in an old bank building at the corner of Commerce and Perry Street in the small tourist town known for it's antique shops, local restaurants and historical buildings.

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Customers over 21 years of age will be able to purchase both recreational and medical cannabis products. Iowa customers of course will be limited in the amount they can buy, about a half-ounce.

According to the Telegraph Herald, the new Galena weed store is called Verilife and is owned by PharmaCann, a company that has five Illinois marijuana dispensaries.
Like it's other Illinois stores, the Galena Verilife location will offer a special VeriVIP sign up program for customers offering savings, discounts and specials. You can register online for the VeriVIP program.

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Dispensary employees are usually quite friendly and helpful, and some are highly enthusiastic in their work, offering suggestions and advice based on client needs.
Dispensary weed can be pricey, mostly due to state taxes, but a modest amount of pot is no more expensive than a decent bottle of vodka or bourbon.
A lot of marijuana dispensaries have the aesthetic charm of an unemployment office. There is often a musky, skunky aroma of fresh weed on the premises, and the check-in protocols usually give the impression of "big brother" watching.  Hopefully the future will bring a more stylish decor to the dispensaries' storefront operations.
  • Company: PharmaCann/Verilife
  • Location: 115 Perry St. Galena, IL.
  • Hours of operation: 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., Monday - Sunday
  • Phone: 815-255-8715
  • Email:

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