Sierra Fox was a police officer in West Union, who was recently forced to resign over sexual harassment allegations she filed against top department officials. The department, in turn, claims the parting of ways was strictly over job performance issues.

She was a K-9 officer who is now being asked to give up her "partner"/friend Xena by the end of this week. Fox, along with the community, are fighting to let the pair stay together. An online petition has garnered at least 2,000 signatures toward that outtcome.

Fox's sister cites several reasons why it's perfectly reasonable to expect the former officer to be allowed to keep the dog. Xena wasn't paid for by taxpayer dollars. The money to "hire" the dog was paid by donations and through community support.

Not to mention, says Fox's sister, "it's going to crush her. She doesn't have kids, her dogs are her babies."

As it stands, Fox has until April 19th to give up Xena. The Mayor of West Union, Adam Keller, said the public can attend the next police commission meeting to voice their stances on this matter at that time.

[Via KCRG,,  KCRG]


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