During the final leg of a girls’ 4x200 relay race at a high school in Utah, a dog ran onto the track and sprinted to the finish line for a first-place finish.

The dog -- named Holly --- can been seen racing from the spectator area and chasing down the lead runner. Holly clocked the final 100 meters around 11 seconds. Not bad.

In a show of poor sportsmanship, the Golden Doodle even seems to taunt the girl at the finish line.

But, it looks like the dog stepped out of its lane, so Holly should be disqualified. Also, she did run the entire 200 meters without the baton. Cheater.

According to flotrack.com; the (human) winner of the race, Gracie Laney, said:

"I felt (Holly) coming up on me on the side about the last 50m or so, I thought it was a runner at first but then I realized that it was a dog!  I almost lost focus for a second deciding what was happening and still trying to run the race but I just decided to keep running and finish the race with a new running buddy and hope that no one got hurt!"

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