Michael Jacobson played at Iowa State from 2018 to 2020, after playing 2 years for Nebraska. Cyclone Alert says Waukee native Jacobson averaged 9.5 points, 5.9 rebounds, and 0.9 assists per game. He's now getting set for a shot at the pros...in the NFL, playing football for the Seattle Seahawks.

Jacobson won't be the first Seattle tight end brought in from the basketball world

George Fant from Kentucky and UC Irvine's Darren Fells were previous hoopsters who were signed by Seattle at the tight end position. It's also worth noting that head coach Pete Carroll had a stint as a Secondary coordinator with Iowa State in 1978.

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Jacobson was a three-star basketball recruit coming out of high school

Jacobson was ranked as the #65 power forward coming out of high school in 2015. After turning down a football scholarship with the Cyclones, he chose basketball instead. SB Nation notes that he played 67 games at Iowa State over two seasons, and was instrumental in Iowa State’s Big 12 tournament championship run during his Junior season. Jacobson spent last year playing in Ukraine.

The multi-talented athlete will try to work his way onto the team at training camp

He's no Bo Jackson, who famously played both baseball and football at the pro level with equal success. Or Russell Wilson, (who Jacobson will be catching passes from in Seattle if this works out), who has become a superstar as quarterback of the Seahawks. Then there's Patrick Mahomes, who had choices between multiple sports before ending up in the NFL. He may not turn into a household name in the NFL, but Seattle thinks Jacobson can bring depth to their roster. We hope it works out for him!

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