It's national fast food day, and many Americans know and love countless fast food chains. Main of these restaurants have made a mark in society, and are some of the biggest names not just in America, but in the world. With these great success stories comes great failures as well.

Today we are looking at some forgotten fast food restaurants. These sources for this list can be found here, or here. 

Red Barn: Opened 1961 | Closed 1988

The Red Barn chains were most popular in New York, and known for their burgers.

Gino's Burgers: Opened 1957 | Bought Out 1980s 

It combined fast food and sports. But even though there were more than 330 Gino's Burgers across the country it would be bought out in the 80s. There are still two locations open to this day.

Chi-Chi's Mexican Restaurant: Opened 1975 | Closed 2004

After a few reports of health incidents this chain was closed. It should be noted however that there are a dozen still exist across Europe.

Chicken Unlimited: Opened 1970 | "Closed" 1977

This restaurant was big in Illinois, and was open seven days a week. There are still 2 rumored locations still open.

Steak 'N' Shake: Open 1934 | Is Still Open! 

I put this on the list because it is one of my favorite restaurants, and we have been seeing many locations getting closed down over the past few years. While I hope this stays open only time will tell.

What's your favorite fast food spot?

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