If you thought the worst part about winter was the cold weather, you're right. But the next worst thing is the FLU.

Most people just brush off the "flu season" but it can be a killer. Just ask your ancestors that were lucky enough to live through the 1918 flu season that killed millions of unlucky (and non-vaccinated) souls. Could this season's virus be another round off the killer flu?

CBS2 News is reporting a recent spike in Iowa flu cases. And while there is always debate about the effectiveness of the flu shot, I always get one. My morning show co-host Jaymz Larson refuse to get a shot. So far he hasn't gotten sick.

As the flu season continues and more cases are reported in Iowa, we;ll keep a close eye on both our health conditions and let you know if flu hits either one of us.

In the meantime you can still get your shot. just to be on the safe side.

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