Apparently, this year's reached the point where literally anything can set someone off.

30-year-old Justin Garcia from Lehigh Acres, Florida was hanging out with his cousin Sunday, and got into an argument over what was better: Whole milk or almond milk.

It's not known which side of the argument Garcia was on, but it is known that the argument escalated to a point where Garcia punched his cousin in the forehead.

The cousin was rightfully, upset, so he punched Garcia in the shoulder. This turned into Garcia chasing the cousin around the front yard of the house they were in.

Eventually Garcia caught up to the victim where he then slashed him on the left side of his torso. Their uncle separated them until police arrived.

The uncle told officers he was working on a car in the driveway when he heard the two arguing about what kind of milk was better, and next thing he knew they ran by with Garcia wielding a knife.

Garcia was charged with aggravated battery, a felony.

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