Police in Ames, Iowa had to deal with a frightening situation late Sunday night as gunfire erupted outside bars at closing time around 1:30 a.m. The cops were responding to reports of several groups fighting outside the area bars, when shots were fired after they they arrived on the scene.

The gunfire started as police were breaking up the rowdy crowd, the shots reportedly coming from a nearby car that quickly sped away, but not before police returned fire.

Three people in the crowd were hit, and later treated for non-life threatening injuries. Police said two wounded suspects from the car were later found at a Fort Dodge hospital, and arrested.

Closing time at bars, taverns and clubs always arrives with a few surprises. Patrons who are looking for a hookup mingle with a few who may have overindulged. Mix those folks with a few fools who are simply looking for an excuse to cause a bit of trouble and you never know what may happen. Thankfully no one was killed.

[source: CBS2 News]

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