First off, did you know that bacon is getting it's own festival? The 2016 Cedar Rapids BaconFest is coming to NewBo City Market on Saturday, September 24. You can sample delicious baocn dishes from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. all while enjoying live music from the local band Boot Jack! Get your tickets and all the details about BaconFest right here.

If you already knew about Baconfest and have your tickets, check out this list below. Here are five things that you probably didn't know about your beloved bacon.

  • 1

    It Has It's Own Day

    According to Fox News, the Saturday after Labor Day is National Bacon Day! People are encouraged to have a bacon inspired day with bacon dishes, bacon drinks, bacon get the picture. Mark your calendars bacon-lovers!

  • 2

    It Could Cure a Hangover

    Hungover? Eat some bacon! Seriously, though. The Telegraph reports that researches claim that bacon can speed up your metabolism, thus helping your body dispose of those boozy toxins faster. Your body need amino acids and guess what? Bacon has plenty of them. The amino acids (protein) in the bacon help breakdown the alcohol and cure your hangover!

  • 3

    It's Addictive

    Well you probably already knew this one, but it's true! Well, maybe. CNN says that a new study on rats confirmed that high-fat and high-calorie food like bacon have the same affects on the brain as some addictive drugs. And it's deliciousness isn't helping either! That's probably why you can't have just one piece.

  • 5

    It's Great For Pregnant Women

    Bacon can be good for babies too! The Daily Mail reports that a chemical in the pork has a special micronutrient that can help babies in the womb develop parts of their brain linked to memory. The same micronutrient is also good for the heart. So see, bacon can be good for the heart, mind, and the taste buds.

  • 5

    It Comes in Many Forms

    Bacon now comes in all different form. Bacon gum, bacon booze, and even bacon toothpaste! Check out these weird bacon creations here.

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