Iowans enjoy a pretty good life balance of health and contentment, thanks to farmers who grow corn and soybeans. It's the industry that drives our state's economy and and somehow it almost always comes out ahead in spite of the weather conditions.

Unemployment is lower than the national average which means there is enough work opportunities for nearly all of us. That includes blue collar and white collar jobs of all kinds, and many of our local unions offer apprenticeships that are much more affordable than college tuition.

Cost of living indexes are lower than national averages. It's an affordable place to live and raise a family. Have you ever googled the price of a typical two bedroom apartment in New York City or a decent 3 bedroom home in Chicago? Yikes.

Iowans are more charitable than the average American. That's not saying anything bad about other states, it simply means that folks in Iowa tend to give a little more to help out their fellow citizens.

Iowa Caucus. Iowans are first to be part of the democratic process of choosing a presidential candidate for the 2020 election.  For some it means fulfilling a civic and patriotic duty.Some are just thankful to be the first to get it over and done with in February.

What are you thankful for this holiday?

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