Green Bay Packer football fans are some of the most loyal fans in the world. Due to it's size, this tiny town would have never become an NFL ranked powerhouse if a franchise were attempted in this day and age.

But the Packer legacy has transcended both space and time, and is not only one of the most successful teams in the NFL, but the ONLY team literally owned by it's fans.

My wife of 25+ years became a Packer shareholder a few years ago when I purchased Packer stock in her name. She never thought it was much of a gift, being a loyal Bears fan. Ha, that's gratitude for you.

#1. A share of Packer stock is one of five essential things that every loyal Packer fan should have.

Mike Ferris

#2. Green Bay jersey, sweatshirt or hat - preferably one that fits. Our dog is modeling a green and gold ball cap with just enough patience for me to get a quick click.

#3. A supportive partner - It's bad enough being married to a Bears fan, can you imagine having to tolerate a Vikings fan? There are not enough brats in the world that could be grilled to compensate for a non-loyal Packer spouse, and yet indeed there are many of us who have to deal with this reality. Luckily, there is a support group for us...and it holds nearly 80,000. It's called Lambeau Field!

#4. Beer and Brats: I prefer a good root beer or locally brewed ginger ale. But Wisconsin is full of great beers, from the mass appeal of the Miller brands of Milwaukee to the Spotted Cows of New Glarus to the Leinenkugel's of the great Wisconsin north. And when it comes to brats, you cannot beat the following brands for flavor and authenticity: Usinger, Johnsonville and Lodi Sausage Co. Let's start grilling!

#5. Cheesehead - the now ubiquitous Cheese hat known as "cheesehead" is everywhere. It's story is one for the history books. And it would have made for a great episode on Shark Tank, had the TV show been around in the late 1990's. Like Mastercharge, you should not leave home without it if you're heading to a game, whether it be at Lambeau Field or at your neighbor's back yard cook-out. Of course it looks silly, that's the point. Wear it with pride. We Packer fans take our football seriously.Ourselves? Not so much.