You know it supposed to be a symbol of the Five Seasons but you'll admit it looks like a toilet brush.

You know traffic travels way too fast on Mt. Vernon Rd. but it's one of your favorite shortcuts across town.

You still call it the "Five" and you admit all the new downtown holiday lights are really kinda cool.

There's something about people like us that gives it away and says with unabashed pride "I'm from Cedar Rapids!" 

Here are five more signs that tell more about you than you might realize:

  • YouTube

    You've Been to 3 Bret Michaels concerts in the past six months

    This dude is everywhere, and we must love it, because he gives us Something to Believe in...our wallets!

  • Courtlin

    You've said "I'll have the pork tenderloin twice already this week

    Nothing better than a pounded flat piece of fried meat.

  • loading...

    You already own a black license plate

    Back in Black, hit the sack...

  • Google Maps
    Google Maps

    You know where to slow down on 380

    So many out-of-town drivers always pumping the brakes, can you blame them?

  • Google Maps
    Google Maps

    You have 3 or more favorite dive bars

    One favorite dive bar is not nearly enough! Every neighborhood has a couple little places like these that make you feel right at home.

    And there you have five easy "tells" that say you're one of us. And we're from Cedar Rapids!

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