Whether it's a quick drive thru or a sit down Sunday morning, doctors say it's the most important meal of the day. So you don't want to skimp. And you don't have to, if you're picking up a bite to eat at one of these five local breakfast destinations.

Each one of these places attracts a specific type of customer. See if you can spot yourself at one of our favorite local breakfast joints.

These are the Five Cedar Rapids Breakfasts and What They Say About You.

[via Trip Advisor, Yelp]

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    Breakfast House Cafe

    820 6th St. SW Cedar Rapids

    You are a traditionalist. It's obvious that family means a lot to you. So you enjoy packing this small breakfast diner and treating them to a giant breakfast. You have a small house and a big pickup truck. You're a blue collar hero and you live a comfortable life. You prefer NASCAR over HGTV, and have no need for fancy floor plans or stainless steel appliances.

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    1202 3rd St. SE Cedar Rapids

    You're a hipster and damn proud of it. Somewhere between Gen X and Millennial, you like your coffee strong and your neighborhood trendy. You vote for progressive policies, you stand by your convictions and you love the Brew's breakfast bowls and omelettes. The quiche of the day is your passport to productivity as you work on those groovy website designs and polish your resume, waiting for the next best job offer to come along.

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    4300 Center Point Rd NE Cedar Rapids

    You're a non-conformist. While everyone else is counting calories and tapping their fit-bits, you are enjoying the finer, yet simpler things in life. A good old fashioned cake donut with sprinkles along with a hot cuppa joe! You are generous to a fault because you even get a dozen to go for your co-workers at the office. Donutland proves that not every business needs a website, just donuts. Because everyone loves donuts.

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    MJ's Restaurant

    1107 7th Ave. Marion, IA

    You are a "homer". You live, work and play all within a six mile radius of your birthplace. Some of your friends tease you about never venturing out to Iowa City for a tailgate party. Others wouldn't be surprised to hear you've never been to Vet's Stadium for a Kernels games. But you know what you like, and you have a hometown favorite. Good for you. Nothing wrong living life within walking distance.

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    Hamburg Inn No.2

    214 N. Linn St. Iowa City, IA

    You are a show-off. Yep, a real show-boat. Nothing but the finest for you, and this breakfast spot proves it. You love treating your visiting friends and family to the best breakfast in town, regardless of how far you need to drive to get there. And now with a second Hamburg Inn location in Iowa City, you have twice the options (although you're also a bit of a traditionalist...and this can sometimes cause you angst). Dig in and enjoy the liberal portions!