If you love Portillo's Chicago-style hot dogs, burgers, salads, Italian beef, ribs, and more, the drive to enjoy them is going to get a whole lot shorter!

The first Portillo's in Iowa has been finalized. It will be located on 53rd Street on the Iowa side of the Mississippi River, in the Quad Cities. The Davenport City Council unanimously approved the rezoning of the location Wednesday night, paving the way for construction.

You have to love a restaurant who uses the slogan, "Get Obsessed." The nationwide, phenomenon, as it's described on Portillo's website, already has more than 50 locations, mostly in Illinois. There are also Portillo's in Arizona, California, Florida, Indiana, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and soon we'll be able to add Iowa to the list!

There's no word on when construction will begin or a target date for the new restaurant to open its doors. For now, you can rest assured it's coming. That, I expect, will create more than a little excitement in eastern Iowa. Get ready to "get obsessed."

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