The talk of the state seems to be why Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds is still one of few in the country who hasn't issued an official "stay-at-home" order during the Coronavirus outbreak.

It had even seemed like Dr. Anthony Fauci, the Trump Administration's top expert on COVID-19 matters, was wondering the same thing. Fauci, a member of the White House Coronavirus Task Force shared some thoughts in the White House coronavirus briefing on Monday.

"I had good conversations with the governor of Nebraska and the governor of Iowa here. And it's interesting that functionally, even though they have not given a strict stay-at-home -- what they are doing is really functionally equivalent to that"

Reynolds had been ridiculed for responding to Fauci's previous remarks that not putting the state under a full shelter-in-place order was putting Iowa and the rest of the country at risk. Reynolds had responded, "maybe he doesn't have all the information".

Reynolds has, indeed closed more businesses and extended all existing school, business, and service closures until at least April 30, as noted in her own Monday press conference.

It won't be enough for some people until the exact words "shelter-in-place" come out of her mouth, and perhaps this is just a move to force Reynolds' hand to do just that. But, Fauci has spoken, and at least for now, he and Reynolds are apparently on the same page.

[Via KCRG]

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