If you're a living, breathing human being, chances are you have Facebook. Grandmothers are posting. Toddlers are on it. Even pets have pages.

When you have this many people using something to communicate, you're going to run into problems. A faux pas here and there. Little aggravations. Here's a brief list of my Facebook pet peeves:

Trolls -- You know who you are. Those people who post or comment just to start an argument or get a rise out of someone. They're not interested in being civil or having any sort of rational discussion. Sometimes, they're witty and even comical. Most times, they're the lowest form of living matter. Unless you're certain of your comedic genius, I'd avoid trolling. It's very unbecoming.

Chronic Posters -- These jerks. They don't just post a few times a week or even once a day. They post CONSTANTLY. No one cares what you're doing every single minute of the day. Hell, you don't even care what you're doing every single minute of the day. If you're so bored or unimaginative that you have to post your 20th selfie of the day, you need to re-prioritize your life.

Workout Fiend -- Some real d-bags here. If you're flexing in front of a bathroom mirror in order to snap a pic of yourself that you'll eventually post to Facebook, you have severe issues. Like issues in need of professional help. Call a counselor. I'm serious.

That's it, for now. There are more, but I've already penned a novel here. Feel free to share your Facebook disgusts at our Facebook page (see what I did there?) or at krna.com.