Clayton County, Iowa supervisors gave the go ahead Monday for a controversial mining operation based in Clayton County. Pattison Sand Company wants to relocate 750 acres of farmland to be heavy industrial land for collecting sand. The sand is to be used in fracking which utilizes sand to reach deep oil deposits in the earth.

Fracking is a nightmare in itself, which you should learn more about HERE, but beyond this, the farmland being industrialized will cause an influx of construction to overtake the area which is primarily what concerns residents.

With all this negative activity and attention why would supervisors agree so easily? Job creation. The tricky problem with a booming industry that causes destruction is that once it is set in motion it becomes harder to stop, and in fighting these companies innocent people can lose jobs. This is why so many progressive political candidates thrive on creating green jobs. Easier said than done as we have a long way to go, but with this in mind Clayton County appears to stay on course to support fracking.

Source: KCRG

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