It’s Monday, October 5th, the first day Iowa voters can cast their ballots for the 2020 Presidential Election.

Early voting has begun in Iowa today, and it's also the day that election officials have started to mail out requested absentee ballots.

KCRG reports that as of Friday, October 2, over 632,000 Iowa voters have requested an absentee ballot for the 2020 Presidential Election.

The Iowa Secretary of State said that over 335,000 of those ballots have been requested by Democrats. About 187,000 ballots have been requested by Republicans, with another 108,000 ballots going to non-party voters.

The Iowa Secretary of State added that the pace for early voting is far ahead of previous elections. That's not all too surprising even with Election Day (Tuesday, November 3) still a month away.

Concerns about staying healthy during the COVID-19 pandemic has many Iowans playing it safe and mailing in ballots this year. But the polls will still be open on November 3 for those who wish to vote in person.

Along with the Presidential contest, one Iowa Senate seat is also up for election, along with various other races around the state.

There are several non-partisan resources where you can find information about the candidates. The League of Women Voters is one of the best and is well known for its balanced presentation of information.  Another site called Vote Smart is also a good resource for non-partisan information.

Source: KCRG

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