With Thanksgiving just a few days away, it's no surprise that a new outbreak of Salmonella is being reported across the USA.

According to the Gazette there have been 164 cases in 35 states (including three people from Iowa) resulting in over 60 patients being sent to the hospital. The problem of course in most of these cases, is linked back to folks handling raw turkey. Which brings us to one important question:

How Hard Is It To Wash Your Damn Hands?

Don't we all know by now, that mishandling raw turkey (or any raw poultry for that matter) can make you sick?

Are we not yet fully aware that we're supposed to wash our damn hands after handling raw meat?

Are we wiping our noses, rubbing our eyes and licking our fingers without first washing them off? STOP IT.

It seems more like common sense than anything else, so let's all say it again:


[via: Gazette]

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