We're just 11 days away from "The Big Game!" Super Bowl 53 will feature the Rams taking on the Rams. At press time, Vegas has New England going off as a 1.5 favorite to win the game. I like Tom Brady and my money is on the G.O.A.T.

My question is, where do I go to watch the game? I have zero invitations to house parties, so I better start looking. Do I go to a bar, casino, restaurant or do I just stay home? I need some help and there's not much time.

In the past, I've gone to a sports bar like Buffalo Wild Wings or The Fieldhouse. I'd really like to something different this year, but I haven't heard of much happening around Cedar Rapids or Iowa City.

Maybe I could book an Allegiant flight to Vegas and watch the game there! That's sounds like SO MUCH fun! All night booze, gambling, huge screens to watch the game and much better weather then what we are experiencing right now. What could go wrong??!!

Well, that costs money...and I have a job to deal with on Monday. Vegas is out. I'd end up losing my savings at the blackjack table anyway.  Maybe next year. I'll put in my vacation request later this week.

I guess I could always have a party at my crib? That would be fun, right?

But I'd have to clean....and the cat hates company. My television isn't that big and I go to bed super early on Sundays. This plan sounds awful, let's forget I even brought it up. The last thing I need is a pissed off cat and a house full of empty beer bottles to clean up the next day.

So, I got nothing. If you have any ideas, please comment below. I'd love to discuss your thoughts next week on The KRNA Morning Show.

After writing this blog I feel really old!!!

Go Patz.

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