Today is the day a new Iowa law goes into effect that requires motorists on Interstate highways to move over for any vehicle on the side of the road.

Prior to today, it was only mandatory for drivers to move over for police, fire, ambulance, or other official vehicles.

The law is one of several new Iowa laws going on the books today. It is designed to keep all drivers safe, especially stranded motorists, highway workers and those driving emergency vehicles.

Many of us already give police cars a wide berth if they have someone on the highway pulled over. And it is not required if heavy traffic makes it impossible for you to move over safely.

But that's the entire point of the law. Distracted driving makes it even more dangerous to those stranded on the side of the road, and if you're not fully attentive, it could be deadly for them or you.

CBS2 News reports the Iowa DOT has released a video that shows how dangerous it is to be stranded on the side of the road and why the new law is so important.

[source: CBS2 News]

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