We told you this a few days ago about a new policy floating around among major retailers. To keep their inventory from piling up, they may ask you to keep something you want to return, and also let you keep the money for it. Welp, looks like I just got met more than halfway and may have been one of the early beneficiaries of a footloose freebie. The difference is, I actually WANT to keep this.

Here's what happened, OK?

I've been a BIG Kenny Loggins fan my whole life. Who hasn't? He is getting a resurgence due to his iconic "Danger Zone" once again being part of the "Top Gun" sequel, but to me, he never went away.

Eric Stone
Eric Stone

He also has a new book out. An autobiography, a "memoir" if you will, called "Still Alright" (a play on words on his classic tune "I'm Alright". Get it?). It's an awesome read, so far, but I am biased. Anyway, I bought the book through a major bookseller not named Amazon, because they were doing a deal selling "signed copies" of the book. You know what they say, there is one born every minute. I bought the "autographed" book. How did I know it was really his signature anyway, but as they say, "treat yourself".

Eric Stone
Eric Stone

Anyway, I just checked my email inbox today and saw this:

The publisher has notified us that the author used “auto-pen” signatures on the copies that we sold as a Signed Edition.

As our goal is always to provide hand-signed books through our Signed Editions program, we are issuing a refund back to the original method of payment used on the order, plus any applicable taxes and fees. You do not need to return the book(s) to us, and are free to keep, gift, or donate the book(s) as you please.

We know this is frustrating and, as an apology, would also like to give you a $5.00 (name of seller withheld) eGift Card for you to use at (store website) or in any of our retail stores.

It went on to tell me the legalese of when to look for the refund credit and how to use the gift card, blah-blah-blah. Wow, how generous, right? I can keep the book, get a refund, AND a $5 gift card.

I'm Alright. Not even mad about the phoned-in "auto"-graph. And I still love Kenny Loggins. Happy 4th, and enjoy your weekend, as I finally take the opportunity to kick back and dive into a nice chunk of the rest of this "free" book!

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