[UPDATE 2/26 8:30 AM] Iowans, you did it! The uproar caused by a video showing Echo, the dog above, being dragged back into her house by her collar has resulted in a good outcome for the dog.

As I told you yesterday morning in an update lower in this story, Dallas County Attorney Chuck Sinnard filed a petition for a hearing next week on Echo being removed from the home of owner Zac Brooks. Sinnard actually ended up expediting that motion which was approved. The result is that Echo, a Chesapeake Bay Retriever, will be surrendered to her breeder.

According to a post from Lauren Kavanaugh of K-Bar Chesapeakes, they will be getting Echo back next week. The post goes on to thank the Dallas County Attorney and others, and goes on to thank:

The people that were brave enough to bring this to our attention.
And all the rest of you that took up Echo's cause.
Gosh what a relief!
THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU and God Bless You all from the bottom of my heart.

[UPDATE 2/25 8 AM] KCCI reports that the Dallas County Attorney Chuck Sinnard has filed a petition in the case involving Zac Brooks of Waukee, and his dog, Echo.

The petition to remove Echo from Brooks' care cites his admissions of his treatment of the dog in videos shot by neighbors and that he admits to kicking the dog on past occasions.

Here's the statement Chuck Sinnard made to WHO-TV:

I can confirm for you that I filed a petition for disposition of a threatened animal with the court … Asking the court to set a hearing to make a determination that the dog belonging to Zachary Brooks is a threatened animal and upon making such a determination, to order disposition deemed appropriate for the welfare of the animal.

A March 4 hearing has been set. You can read the full petition from the Dallas County Attorney on We Are Iowa.

[ORIGINAL STORY] Yes, in the photo above, a man is literally hanging his dog, Echo, by her collar as he drags her back into the house. Isn't he a tough guy? He makes me sick.

The photo and video (at the bottom) are from Waukee, Iowa. Before you watch the video, please know that it is graphic and could be very upsetting. Parts of the video were shot by a neighbor.

Waukee police were called to the home of Zac Brooks on Saturday, February 20, after neighbors raised concerns about the dog's welfare. The first call to the police about concern for the dog came on Monday, February 8. 12 days earlier.

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Mackenzie Sposeto, a sergeant with the Waukee Police Department, said officers released the dog from a kennel in the garage and that the dog appeared fine. There was no food or water available. Sposeto told KCCI that officers checked the dog over and,

There's no signs of injuries, no trauma of any sort that they could see. He was greeting the owner and running around in circles... You are going to have to bring the dog inside - it is cold, and then make sure the dog has food and water.

Personally, I share the sentiment of Anna Bergman, a Waukee City Council member, who believes the dog should be checked over by a veterinarian. I wouldn't stop there. I'd remove the dog from Brooks' home immediately.  However, that's not happening.

According to Sposeto,

The Dallas County Attorney's Office advised that we could do animal neglect charges, but there was not enough there for abuse.

Not enough for abuse? The reason for that is that the female dog didn't have any visible injuries. Unfortunately, I believe if that dog isn't removed, it's only a matter of time.

KCCI talked with Brooks, who they say told them he was "frustrated with his dog for chewing up expensive blinds but says he has never hurt her." I can promise you that picking up a dog by its collar, to the point that it is off the ground, does hurt the dog.

Brooks was charged with animal neglect, a simple misdemeanor. He thinks the charge is "ridiculous." Waukee police say they will continue to visit the home to check on the dog.

This is just another, obvious case that Iowa's animal cruelty laws need to be strengthened even more. What became law last July, clearly wasn't enough. If this is neglect and not abuse, what chance do Iowa's animals have?

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