A lone building in Scotch Grove in Jones County, Edinburgh Manor, has changed from a poor farm, to a mental institution, to a retirement home. Many people have brought life to these walls since 1850 and some say they're still there. The manor has since been left to rot and decay. Its dark corridors are said to be home to an aggressive spirit named Nick, or as visitors like to call him "The Joker".

In the mid-1800s when the manor was a poor house, able-bodied persons would work with livestock and grow food in exchange for a place to live. Eighty of those persons died, many from questionable causes, between its operation in from 1850 to 1910. They were buried in the backyard in an on-site cemetery.

When the manor was re-opened as a mental health facility, it remained so until 2010. The walls were already crumbling when they were in use, and the furniture was left in place as if residents left overnight.

In 2012, the Edinburgh Manor was opened up to paranormal investigations. Visitors began reporting visions and evidence of "The Joker". Evidence of these reports can be found just by searching social media for Edinburgh Manor, including reports of disembodied whistling and singing.

Overnight stays are $200 per night for 1-5 people and $40 per person beyond this. Day tours are also available upon request, and the fee is $10 per person. To schedule a paranormal investigation, tour, or to get more information about the building, email emanor@inbox.com.


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