Video surfaced this last week from surveillance footage that shows a deer saving what sounds like a rabbit from being eaten by a hawk.

The clip starts with the sounds of an animal pinned down by a hawk. It sounds like a rabbit is screaming for its life, begging for the help of someone to save it.

Suddenly, what I can only assume is Bambi, freshly pissed off about his mom getting shot and his dad being absent from his childhood, shows up at max speed to kick the absolute sh*t out of the hawk that's messing with Thumper.

The deer lands what sounds like about one hundred punches on the hawk before it eventually slows down.

WARNING: Graphic Video

It's pretty safe to assume that after being stomped into the ground by a deer, this hawk either isn't going to be eating anything solid for a bit, if it even survived.

Either way, it's cool to see nature looking out for nature.

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