Every year we wait for the first signs of spring to arrive.

From the early bloom of crocuses and daffodils, to the MLB pitchers and catchers reporting for Spring Training, there are signs everywhere that all point to the end of winter.

One of our favorite signs of spring here in Iowa is the discovery of first laid eggs in Bald Eagles' nests near Decorah.

According to CBS2 News, that day officially arrived this weekend. And we're absolutely thrilled to report the news!

Now this might not be as exciting to Cubs baseball fans as their first scheduled exhibition game, but for naturalists and bird lovers, it's a pretty big deal.

So let's enjoy the warm temperatures. Savor the Cub's first preseason game (this Saturday 2:05 p.m. vs. San Francisco Giants)

And peek in on the Decorah Bald eagles on the You Tube link above.

It's a sure and welcome sign of spring's eventual arrival.

[source: CBS2 News]

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