First off, to all the cat folks out there, I love cats. In fact, I have a cat at home. His name is Squeaks and he's a pretty good guy. Besides ripping up my couch, spilling his water all over the kitchen floor, climbing up the screen door and meowing in the middle of the night, he's not too bad. I'm stuck with him now, but's he's a pretty cool cat.

With that said, I had to laugh out loud when I saw the advertisement posted below. It appeared in the Sunday edition of the Cedar Rapids Gazette.

Photo: Jaymz snap from the Cedar Rapids Gazette
Photo: Jaymz snap from the Cedar Rapids Gazette

At first, I thought this was some kind of practical joke. I mean, do cat shows really exist? Is it possible this type of awesomeness really does happen? Two straight days of feline fever? I need to know more.

What kind of people will show up at this thing? Will it be full of 'crazy cat ladies' from all over Eastern Iowa? Is there 'crazy cat guys'? Am I crazy for writing this blog?

The ad says "spectators welcome." Does that mean I can bring my little guy along? He would probably hate it. He hates most things. As I write this, he's staring out my living room window. I'm guessing he's planning an escape the next time I leave town.

I guess we'll just have to wait for October 21 & 22. If it's not a joke, I'll be there. It looks like the venue is not too far away from my house. With the coupon, it's practically free to get in! I plan to write a blog of my experience at the giant cat show in Cedar Rapids. I can't wait.

Good luck to the organizers of this event. I'm guessing it won't be easy pulling off a show like this....I  hope it's a huge success and everything is perrrrrrfect.

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