In January 2016 Kaitlyn Richards was speeding on I-80 and using her cell phone while driving when she caused an accident that killed Patricia Mittauer.

Now Mittauer's family and friends are fuming over a Johnson County plea bargain that pretty much lets Kaitlyn Richards off the hook. Under the plea deal, Richards would serve no jail time for the crime, even though she has had two OWI arrests since the accident and according to court records she has also been arrested on drug charges.

Yesterday, KCRG reported "Richards' attorneys reached a plea deal in April that was amended last week with the Johnson County Attorney's Office. In the deal, Richards pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter and receive one year-probation at a residential correctional facility, where she can leave for work or school." 

The outrageous plea deal is pending approval by a judge at sentencing. Friends of the victim worry that Richards could continue to be a danger to others.

Mittauer of Swisher was 54 when she was killed in the January crash after her SUV collided with a semi on I-80. Police say Richards of Cedar Rapids, who was 21 at the time, was using her cell phone when she rear-ended Mittauer's SUV and sent it into the semi's path.

Richard's sentencing is scheduled to take place later this month. Johnson County Attorney Janet Lyness declined to comment to KCRG on the case citing the ongoing proceedings.

[source: KCRG]

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