Hop in the 'way back machine' with me for a moment. Many years ago, I was introduced to a kind of pizza that didn't look like the others. They called it Quad City Style. It was cut up into strips, instead of your normal triangular pieces. The restaurant that did it? Cranky Hanks! Our morning show did Listener Lunch there for years. I fell in love with the 'Hank Bread' and some of the other amazing pies served up at Cranky Hanks.

Facebook via Harris Pizza
Facebook via Harris Pizza

But then, like so many other restaurants, Cranky Hanks shut down. Suddenly, those amazing strips of Quad City Style pizza were gone. Now, flash forward to 2021, and suddenly Cranky Hanks is back!

Opening soon in Shellsburg, it's Cranky Hank's Pizza Bank! Yes, Cranky Hanks will be opening up in an old bank building. Owner Keith Hazen told me that the bank vaults will be turned into coolers, and the teller counter will soon be the bar! Hazen said that the new Cranky Hanks will offer their famous Quad City Style pizza and also pasta too. There will be plenty of beverages too including beer, craft beers, and of course, 'Hank Juice! '

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Hazen said that the new Cranky Hank's Pizza Bank will have room for around 45 people inside the restaurant, and will focus on dine in and carry out orders for the time being. So when will the 'new' Crank Hank's debut to the public? Hazen said that he hopes to open up sometime in July, as renovations on the bank building are already underway!

Man, I can't wait to go back and try some of my old Cranky Hank favorites! The Buffalo Chicken, the Chicken Bacon Potato Ranch, and the BBQ Chicken! Or the Cheeseburger, or the Kitchen Sink! It's great to have Cranky Hank's Pizza Bank back! This is one fan who is anything but Cranky!


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