Canines got to celebrate Halloween over the weekend at Theisen's annual Dog-O-Ween!

Dog-O-Ween was spread out at three different Theisen's locations this year! The northeast, southwest, and Coralville stores all hosted the event. No matter which location you were at, fun and cuteness was at all.

There were two categories in the contest: Dog-only and group. From those categories, first, second, and third place prizes were handed out which included a trophy and a Theisen's gift card for up to $150! There were SO MANY adorable dogs in costume, we have no idea how the judges were able to narrow it down. Here are some photos from the event as well as the winners!

Congrats to all of our lucky dogs that took home prizes and thanks to everyone for coming out and letting us see your adorable doggies. See y'all next year! Happy Halloween!

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