Corey Taylor and Stone Sour will be back in the Hawkeye State on Tuesday, October 10th. The party is happening at the 7 Flags Center in Clive, just a few miles from Des Moines.

Taylor, who still lives in Des Moines, seems to make it a priority to bring his music back to Iowa when he's on tour. I remember seeing his other band, Slipknot, countless times over the years in both Cedar Rapdis and Des Moines.

It's always a family affair with Corey Taylor when he's around. The last time Slipknot played the U.S. Cellular Center in Cedar Rapids, I covered the show as part of the local media. There must have been 150 friends and family members backstage that night. It was cool to see them all watching the show from the side of the stage. It was obvious, they were very proud of him....As they should be.

"Mock Metal" giants Steel Panther will also perform in Clive on October 10th. That to me is WELL worth the drive to Des Moines just to see them. If you're looking for tickets to the show, visit this link.

From what I've seen in radio and television interviews,  Corey Taylor seems pretty laid back and humble. Whether you dig his music or not, you have to give him props. He's been a part of some pretty kick-ass projects and broken a lot of new ground in the music world.

Thanks for making Iowa proud, Mr. Taylor....We'll see you at the homecoming dance on Tuesday, October 10th!

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