2020 has been a tough one for a lot of businesses, and theaters around the country have definitely been among the hardest hit. Locally, throw in a derecho, and the challenge has been even greater.

Locally-owned Collins Road Theatres, in the Collins Road Square in Marion, was one of many businesses in the development that was devasted by the storm. Their roof was destroyed, which also caused the loss of five heating and air conditioning units. According to a mid-September post on their Facebook page, not surprisingly, everything below was also damaged, from ceiling tiles to seats, to carpet.

After picking out four different carpet patterns, Collins Road Theatres owner Bruce Taylor took the unique approach of letting followers of his Facebook page select what you'll see on the floor when you walk in the front doors. The one on the top left below was the winner.

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Now, for what I'm sure is going to be everybody's favorite part of the remodeling/reopening. New seats! Reclinable seats have been installed. Yes, you'll be able to reserve the seats ahead of time and perhaps most importantly, there will be no increase in the price of a ticket. You can see photos of the new seats below.

Collins Road Theatres is expected to reopen next Friday, December 11 and they promise "other really great announcements over the next few days that have to do with keeping YOU safe (and us). You will LOVE IT!"

The real butter will be flowing again soon...

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