The normal high temperature in Cedar Rapids the last week of October is still in the upper 50's, but don't expect to see that next week as the coldest air since early March is ready to descend on the Hawkeye State.

Just how cold could it be for Halloween next Thursday? It's very likely high temperatures will be in the 30's, at best, after you translate the below from Celcius to Fahrenheit. Let's keep our fingers crossed that it holds off because Iowa trick-or-treaters are definitely not ready for this:

The below-normal temperatures aren't likely to end on Halloween, either. The outlook from October 30 to November 5 shows a very high likelihood of it being cold throughout the entire center of the U.S.


The last time high temperatures were in the 30's on consecutive days was March 9 and 10. Enjoy today (57 is the forecast high) and this weekend (Saturday and Sunday highs are expected to be 55 and 53). Other than that, CBS 2 forecasts 40's for highs through next Tuesday. I've already warned you about what's likely to follow that.