I hope you enjoyed the warm weather over the weekend, because it's about to get really crappy here in Eastern Iowa. I knew it was coming, I just wish it could have waited a few more weeks!

According to our friends at CBS2, "A system will cross the region on Monday leading to chances for light rain with a mix and snow in the northwest."

It looks like it's about to get real bad on Tuesday. The Arctic chill will be near zero when we wake up up on that day. The high will only hit tin he low 20's. I'm glad I'll be in Arizona soon!

There is some good news to this story. It looks like once we get to the weekend things will warm up. The temps will get back to the mid-30's.

Until then, stay warm my friends and always keep your dial cranked up to 94.1 KRNA!

[Source: CBS2]

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