It takes real stones to pull off a stunt like this. And the city of Cedar Rapids is doing it.

They are garnishing the state income tax refunds due it's residents who have outstanding fines due to unpaid traffic camera tickets.

According to CBS 2 News, local citizens are finding that money is being directly taken out of their refunds. Resident Kyle Hoffman had two outstanding traffic camera tickets that he refused to pay, citing that he felt he had been denied due process.

Then Hoffman opened his mail and found out the state withheld about $160 from his state tax return.

That's how the city's collection agency works. And that sucks, because many believe the cameras violate citizens' constitutional rights of due process. The matter is entangled in our state court right now.

CBS 2 News did reach out to city leaders, and were told once people pay their fine, they will be able to receive their tax return...presumably minus the "fine" they "owe".

Shame on you, city of Cedar  Rapids.

[source: CBS 2 News]

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