How does that phrase go? One man's trash is another man's unique lawn ornament? A Waverly man took recycling to a whole new level with this ancient relic. If you grew up going to the iconic children's pizza place, then you might be a little jealous of this man's garden.

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Matt Lawson is proud of one

Lawson's brother is the operations manager of a local waste disposal facility. According to Lawson, about a decade ago the beloved cheese loving rat had to get a bit of a facelift. The entire facility was remodeled and renovated. His brother's company was in charge of getting rid of some of the old items that the restaurant didn't want anymore.

Lawson said that they were just getting rid of a bunch of the old games like skee-ball, basketball, and even the somewhat iconic car where you can take pictures with the mouse himself. His brother brought dumpsters full of this stuff to their parents family farm.


When Matt saw the car he knew he had to have it.

"I dismantled the car, I took it home and put it in our flowerbed next to our flagpole." Matt admits.

Matt Lawson
Matt Lawson

Unfortunately the car isn't operational anymore. He took it apart from the frame when he initially dismantled the vehicle. He knows this is an odd thing to keep on his property, but Matt believes that this Chuck E. Cheese car could be worth something someday.

"Twenty years from now, when there's no Chuck E. Cheese, that car's going to be a little valuable then," Matt brags.

I have to be honest...this is a few steps up from a garden gnome.

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