We're getting some snow this weekend here in Eastern Iowa. But that's what happens in the month of January. We live in Iowa....it will snow!

So why is everyone freaking out?! My Facebook feed is full of people talking about "Snowmageddon 2019" and how much bread and water they should stock up on before the weekend. I think we all need to relax.

CBS2 Meteorologist Rebecca Kopelman told me we could see 4-9 inches across the area starting on Friday morning and it will continue through the night. Yes, we will have some snow to deal with....but you can still leave your house!

I like Rebecca, she reports the facts and doesn't try to scare people. I see other meteorologists in this market going crazy and telling everyone the end of the world is coming just because we are getting some snow!

She told me earlier today, "I can't tell people what to do. I just try to encourage everyone to drive slow and when we have snow to be informed about the system." That's great advice from my favorite weather person in Eastern Iowa!

If you have plans this weekend, there is NO REASON to cancel them. Just remember to be extra careful. There will be some visibility concerns and plenty of snow, but we've all been through this before. Just be extra cautious and everything will be fine.

I have a full weekend of activities and I'm not letting Mother Nature slow me down. I'm from Minnesota, dealing with garbage weather was something we had to deal with for like 6 months out of the year. It sucked but we always got through it.

Have a great weekend and remember----we're only 62 days away from Spring!

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