One of the most underrated and beautiful small towns in Wisconsin is also home to what is being called the "most adorable" little restaurant in the entire state.

If you're reading this, you've been to Wisconsin many times.

Whether you're visiting Wisconsin for a family vacation, work, or just an outing, there are good places to eat and plenty of beautiful scenery all around you.

That said, I don't think I've ever combined the two quite like LoveFood has with their list of each state's most adorable small-town restaurants.

That's because each restaurant on the list is nestled in a gorgeous tiny town, and Wisconsin's is no exception.

It's called the Good Thyme Restaurant in Washburn, and you'll probably find it worth the trip.

Near the beautiful town of Bayfield on Lake Superior is Good Thyme Restaurant, which could easily be mistaken for just a big (and very beautiful) yellow house. Customers call it a gem, saying they love the Cajun shrimp alfredo and the 14oz rib-eye – and, of course, the desserts, such as chocolate mousse with salted caramel pearls and whipped cream.


Reviews for Good Thyme Restaurant on Yelp back up LoveFood's claims, with Mary J. saying, "It was delicious and well presented. My meal was worth five stars!"

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Brian O. calls the restaurant a "Beyond Hidden Gem," adding that the owners know "exactly how to run a restaurant."


Some reviews were quite negative, with one person complaining about the restaurant's noise and another referring to Good Thyme as a "disappointment," overall, most remarks have been very positive.

Good Thyme Restaurant is located at 77180 State Highway 13 in Washburn.

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