Some people are trying to use the coronavirus to get out of jail early. Evan celebrities who are in jail are trying this.

According to Daily Beast, Brooklyn rapper Tekashi69 has asked to be released early from lockup due to the spread of the coronavirus inside New York’s prison system, arguing he is a high-risk inmate because of his asthma.

69’s lawyer, Lazzaro said in a letter “While I recognize that his release date is only about four months away, given the health crisis that is currently tearing through this region and Mr. Hernandez’s compromised medical condition, please strongly consider modifying Mr. Hernandez’s sentence so as to immediately make him eligible for home confinement.”

Tekashi is one of multiple high-profile inmates who have requested an early release amid the ongoing pandemic, including former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen, Bernard Madoff, and lawyer Michael Avenatti. These other prisoners who are asking for release are using “high risk” as a reason as well. It makes sense that they would ask this, but to want to be released is a bit interesting and extreme.

As of now, no one in the states have been released due to the virus. So far all requests have been unanswered, or denied.

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