There are so many great ways to celebrate this year's International Women's Day but one of them might be a little more delicious than the rest. Chocolate. 

Women empowering women. Women influencing women. Women supporting women. Women eating chocolate.

I encourage all of that today, International Women's Day.

And if you want to eat chocolate, you can do that while supporting a local woman and her Bad-A**-Britch Bucket.

I want to call Jodi the queen of Sugar Britches, but she goes by Sugar Mama, but I think queen fits too.

She and her Sugar Britches team launched these chocolate buckets just in time for Women's Day.

Grab an Audrey Hepburn, or Amelia Earhart. Maybe a Wonder Woman? Rosa Parks or Ruth Bader Ginsburg?

They're all packed with this delicious assortment:

2 turtle tots

2 chocolate boobs (because of course)

3 coffee caramels

1 lemon drop martini truffle


1 pistachio cold brew truffle

1 key lime marshmallow dipped in white Belgian chocolate

Get them while you can!

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