Ever been to a place that you thought was really great--excellent food, superior service and amazing atmosphere--but then see it critically panned on the internet and wonder what happened to give that person a bad experience? I took to Yelp to find a few of these.

Pub 217

Granted, I am a little biased because this has become one of my favorite places. Also granted, I had to go quite a ways back to find anyone with a negative experience. I've always admired the staff at Pub 217, their friendly service and work ethic. Plus, it's a beautiful place to hang out. I hope Rod C. gives them another chance because they may have rectified his issues.

Read Rod C.'s review of Pub 217 on Yelp

Dublin City Pub

This reviewer hits the nail right on the head about Dublin. It's a quantity problem, not a service or quality problem. The staff they do have works their behinds off, and deserve to be cut some slack because everything else about the place is amazing.

Read Joyce B.'s review of Dublin City Pub on Yelp
Wasabi Sushi & Hibachi

I was a sushi rookie when I tried the place a couple weeks ago but I certainly can't complain about the food, service or atmosphere. Apparently this reviewer can, though.

Read MandW B.'s review of Wasabi on Yelp

Let's hear what you think. Tell me some places--restaurants, bars, stores, gyms or otherwise that you love but others seem to hate, in the comments.

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