Big news this morning out of "The City of Five Seasons." By the way, what is that fifth season, anyway? If you ask me, it's the FROZEN season, and we are experiencing it right now. I digress, back to the BREAKING news.

The Mayor of Cedar Rapids held a news conference Monday morning at City Hall. If you ask me, he should have waited for a warmer day. It's so cold outside, I saw a hitchhiker holding up a sign of a thumb. It's cold --really cold.

At the news conference, Cedar Rapids Mayor Ron Corbett told the local media that he will NOT run for re-election. So that's it, the coolest Mayor in Cedar Rapids history is moving on to bigger and better things.

Will he run for Governor? Will he just retire and drink Mai Tai's on the beach for the rest of his life? Not sure, but we''ll keep you posted here at 94.1 KRNA.

Here's an encore presentation of the time "The Mayor" visited The KRNA Morning Show. Enjoy, and try your best to stay warm today.


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